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Find Your Next Home

Unlock your dream home now! Experience our personalized approach to real estate, where our expert team ensures a seamless buying and selling process.



Buy with Confidence. Sell with Success.

Small boutique office that provides one on one service. You deal with one agent from start to finish. 

Not just Morris County, we handle anywhere in New Jersey. 


Broker (Ronda Marie Tolliver) was born and raised in Morristown. 


We specialize in helping buyers, sellers, renters and investors as well as commercial. 


Free Notary services for clients. 

Tolliver Realty Group provides a fresh and friendly approach to the real estate market.


Our aim is to provide the best knowledge and customer service in helping you with all your property needs.


Our team is here to find a property that reflects what you want anywhere in New Jersey!

Tolliver Realty Group is a boutique real estate office committed to being at the forefront of the real estate industry by doing all that we can to anticipate your real estate needs and exceed your expectations.


What kind of property are you looking for? Learn how we can find your next property to either rent or buy anywhere in New Jersey.



Moving Forward Together

At Tolliver Realty Group we know the local real estate market. Our professional and friendly agents have been helping people like you with all of their needs, from buying or renting new homes to selling properties. Our sensitivity to the marketplace comes from a single yet powerful perspective: New Jersey is more than just a market, it’s our home.

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